Losing money due to out-of-stock and misplaced items? 

58% of your customers can’t buy all 10 items on their shopping list. That is why you need real-time data, your employees can make decisions faster, and you can boost sales. 

Get real-time data of each and every product sale.

With our Smart Shelf solution, companies can collect real-time data about their products 24/7. Being able to collect and analyse this data, helps your employees take faster decisions and be more effective than ever before.

You can be in control of your products with customised alerts and real-time reports and alert your employees about low inventory or misplaced products. 

Our promise

Improve handling of supply chain and re-stocks.

Track better in-store inventory.

Gain detailed insights on coolers, fridges and offtakes.

Improve customer experience and loyalty.

Optimize use of in-store staff.

Reduce shrinkage and fraud.

Learn which shelves are more popular and when.

Optimize product and equipment placement.

Make informed decisions with real-time 24/7 data to boost sales.


Our solution:
  • uses modules, sensors and cameras to collect information;
  • is suitable for AB testing and data analysis;
  • is cheaper than RFID technology;
  • recognizes planogram using real-time snapshots;
  • measures cooler, freezer and product temperature;
  • compares offtake against door opening;
  • lets you set up customised alerts.

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With 25 years combined experience in FMCG, we have a deep understanding of the industry.
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